Executive Search (contingency and retained)

Retained assignments

A retained assignment is a project-based recruitment process which is specifically designed for clients who want to fill business-critical positions in a short time.
An up-front payment ensures that our highly experienced Senior Appointments team deliver a highly focused approach, working to agreed deadlines, lead by the senior consultant.
Once we have discussed a detailed and comprehensive brief we then reach out to our network to find the very best person for the job.
We work discreetly and confidentially with clients and candidates using various tried-and-tested methods to speak to as many strong candidates as possible who match the criteria. We then create a shortlist of only the best potential candidates for the position, based on the bespoke brief.
As long as the package offered is as discussed, and if we have done our job properly, they should accept without hesitation.
We have a very high level of success in finding the right person for each assignment and we look forward to assisting you too.

Contingency Executive Search

This is our most frequently used service and allows for a strong executive search service with no up-front costs.
Our team uses an extensive array of methods to find the very best potential candidates on the market. We regularly use referrals to find the hard-to-reach candidates who may not be listed in the usual sources.
We spend a great deal of time pre-qualifying and understanding each candidate’s current situation, their reasons for potentially leaving their current place of work and what is important to them in a new opportunity.
When it comes to candidates we are very selective in whom we work with and have strict criteria about what constitutes a high-quality candidate. This can be discussed with you at an early stage.
In summary, rest assured that Headford UAE will find you the best person on the market.

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